Ticketmaster Breach

Gibson & Associates Solicitors feature in The Sunday Times

Read more: The Sunday Times In June 2018, concert ticketing group Ticketmaster suffered a security data breach, potentially affecting anyone that bought a ticket on the site between February and June 2018. The breach occurred after the…
Homes of Donegal

Gibson & Associates Immigration Consultant featured in The Irish Times

Read the full article here: The Immigrant Investors    
Near FM GDPR Interview

Near FM – GDPR Interview

  Jackie Haughey from Citizen’s Information and solicitor Reza Nezam GDPR & Data Protection Law, from Gibson & Associates, will be in the studio with John discussing GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) on its one year…
Irish Central

Gibson & Associates Immigration Consultant gives citizenship advice in The Irish Central

    Read more on The Irish Central In a release, Gibson & Associate Solicitors based in Dublin and Donegal advised: “Those affected should begin building their 12 months uninterrupted presence in Ireland and if by…